Email – Mr. & Mrs. Brent D. Pavell

Dee Dee has been the biggest help we could hope for.  I am active duty in the military, and Dee Dee has an understanding of that lifestyle.  In our case, we found a house we wanted to bid on, but were unable to get to the area and walk through the house.  Dee Dee was kind enough to record a walk through to give us an idea of the house.  She also was knowledgeable enough to know we had found a good one and it wouldn’t be long before it sold.  She was right and our first bid was accepted.  Dee Dee made sure we got our requested inspections, was willing to set up our utilities, and helped us find our way around this new location.  She went above and beyond without ever actually meeting us.  If you’re looking to buy or sell, she knows the people, knows the area, and will go the extra mile to welcome you home.  Thank you Dee Dee.

Mr. & Mrs. B. D. Pavell

— Anonymous